What the clients say; Testimonials

"Sebastiaan is a creative powerhouse. He took a challenging set of requirements and turned it into an insanely high quality, amazingly detailed work of art. One look at Sebastiaan's portfolio and you'll be convinced his work is awesome. And if you're not - well, you're crazy."

Michael Bernardo

"I was looking not only for a talented designer that would design a logo for my project, but for someone that could understand my needs, idea and inspiration and would be able to put together all those things in an icon. I have found in Sebastiaan the designer that I was looking for!”"

Edoardo Piccolotto

"Your application's icon being the first thing your customer sees, you better get it right. I could think of no one better or more talented than Sebastiaan. But do not take my word for it: just browse through his icons, that's all you need to see to be convinced. You may know the song "Maybe I'm amazed". Well, I'm amazed alright - but there's NO maybe about it!"

Matthias Gansrigler

"For our app's icon we wanted nothing less than the best. So we hired Sebastiaan. From the original sketches, to the final touches, Sebastiaan's originality & ingenuity in coming up with the perfect metaphor & adding the perfect final touches really blew us away. The results speak for themselves."

Zac Cohan

"Working with Sebastiaan has been nothing short of an extraordinary experience. From the initial communications, to the process of finding what met Extendmac's needs and refining it, I have nothing to say but praise. Sebastiaan puts unrivaled amounts of honesty and creative quality into his work, and I can say with great pleasure, it certainly shows. It's become a rare thing in the graphic design industry to feel as excited and passionate when closing a deal with your designer as opening it --- but he manages to do it. Sebastiaan is nothing short of a marvelous catch that truly stands out in the graphic design world."

Brian Amerige

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